The Blue Planet!

I have completed College and it was real world...

Here is one pic of my final 3D modeling project... you can see details and more pictures on my 3D website on Behance ^_^

The Fun House Character

The Character for my Final Animation Movie.  You can see the movie on my Youtube channel.

Here is a rendered image of the Fun House movie.

© Marie Prophete

My First Image

The very first image I made in Cinema 4D.  High School was an exciting time... in this respect anyway :)

© Marie Prophete

The Room

An assignment involving modeling a room with a light.  I later started to render it in Mental Ray to learn this other way of rendering.  I may go back and try again :)

© Marie Prophete

My Last Semester

Hello all, 
Well I am in my last semester of College and will start applying for jobs in the 3D Art business.  Hopefully I can get a job in an Animation Studio or a Gaming Studio.

I will be uploading my art and work in progress projects, including The Blue Planet which is my  current 3D Environment project.

I can't wait to get into this exciting industry, wish me luck!

Blog refreshed

Hey all! So I refreshed the blog and made it faster.  I took out the unnecessary stuff out so its nice and lean.  Let me know if you don't like it :)
Hello! I will make my blog more simple very soon because I'm noticing it loads pretty slowly...I'll see what I can do :)